Hi! I'm Joanne Woods and welcome to my site. I am the author of many unfinished novels and finally a few finished ones. 
I began writing many years ago, but gave up. Why? Because writing is often a grind. And after spending all day working at a grinding, stressful, crappy job or two, the last thing I want to do is sit alone at a desk and write. 
With Covid-19, of course, there was only so much movie streaming you can endure before that gets old. And then reading books in many ways got old because the stories all seemed to follow the same template. 
Anyhow, humor seemed to be the one thing missing out of all the novels I was reading. If there was humor, it was mostly geared toward the formula of being a single woman in the big city with a pretty good entry level job. Those characters grate on me. Plus the humor in those stories is dull. For me, dick and fart jokes are far superior than jokes about dating and social media. 
So I wrote the kind of stories that I wanted to read and that no one else was writing. If you like rude characters and gross-out humor, then I'm sure you'll enjoy my stories. 
If you do, then please let me know.
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